The short-eared owls of Boundary Bay

The short-eared owls of Boundary Bay

October 06, 2018

I traveled from Nanaimo to Boundary Bay (in Delta, B.C.) twice last winter to photograph owls. Within an hour and a half of the first trip, I photographed my first snowy owl. On the second, I photographed a barn owl and a long-eared owl for the first time. However, on both trips, I spent most of my time photographing the abundance of short-eared owls that migrate to Boundary Bay each winter.

At Boundary Bay, as I quickly found out, short-eared owls regularly fly and perch close to humans, making the area a photographer's dream. 


A short-eared owl perched on a fence post. 

Every so often, the short-eared owls would shake their feathers.


A short-eared owl eating a vole.


A short-eared owl takes flight.