Strix Varia (Barred owl poem)

Birds and Bark

Limited edition print run of 10. Print (8 in x 10 in) comes signed and numbered. Poem, photograph, and design by Spenser Smith, winner of the 2017 Blodwyn Memorial Prize in poetry.

Poem text:

I found god, not in a hotel / nightstand / but the mouth of a barred owl. / Lazy in roost, the owl yawned / a black hole and swallowed / rainforest sounds—the swoop, swoop / of crow wings, rain dripping / into leaf-oceans, the underground chorus / of roots. A hummingbird / heartbeat later: an exhale of baritone hoots, / my skin raised / with braille I could touch / but not read.


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Category: barred owl, owl, poetry

Type: Print

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