Nanaimo Birding and Photography - Birds and Bark
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A short-eared owl perched on a fence post.

The short-eared owls of Boundary Bay

I traveled from Nanaimo to Boundary Bay twice this winter to photograph owls. Within an hour-and-a-half of my first trip, I photographed my first snowy owl. On my second trip, I photographed a barn owl and a long-eared owl for the first time. However, on both trips, I spent most of...

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A great blue heron during a Nanaimo snowstorm

When it snows in Nanaimo, an uncommon occurrence, I make an effort to take my camera out. While shooting in the snow means braving the cold and taking the time to waterproof my camera, the scenic snow shots are always worth it. On December 29th, Nanaimo was hit with an...

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A great horned owl spreads its wings.

Great horned owlet spreads its wings

I wish I had the foresight to shoot more videos of the great horned owlets I watched grow up this spring. Before I knew it, the little owlets left the nest and, soon after, left the nesting area. However, below is one pretty cool moment I managed to capture....

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Finding the northern pygmy-owl in Parksville

Finding and photographing a new owl species is exhilarating. This spring, I had the chance to observe great horned owls for the first time. This summer, I spent dozens of hours finding barred owls (another new species). This past week, I've added a third owl to my list—the northern pygmy owl....

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How to find Merlins at Buttertubs Marsh

Every year, from the middle of July until early September, Buttertubs Marsh becomes a feeding ground for a few Merlins. The Merlins love to catch and feast on the hatching dragon flies and will occasionally take a small songbird for a change in diet. Here are some tips to help you...

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